Object of this business is the patent exploitation, especially the one of the patent NR. DE 197 40 413 C2
(IPC: BO9B 3/00) „method and device for processing tires“
as well as the international patent application
PCT/DE98/02758 which was published under NR. WO 99/12717 on 03/18 in 1999.

ProLoop sells licenses world-wide. With the right of use you’re allowed
to recycle old tires. The old tires – as raw material - will be cut into rings.
It is fascinating in which manifold ways the elastic rings can be interwoven
ever lasting without any additional bonding material.

These new geo-textiles are economically usable as working material in
faces (universal standard mats or endless netting) as well as in corporal
buildings (tubes, bags, rubber-mats)

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