Physical processing of used tires

The patent
Basis of the business idea is the invention of Mr. B.Schmeling, which was applied for a patent in 1997.
The patent NR. DE 197 40 413 was granted in 1998.

The invention
Initial point of the invention is the special way to cut the tires into rings. The rings are combined together to new
products such as interwoven mats or bodies. The nettings have completely new usage properties on high level.
The economical usage is based on the advantage and character of these products.

The partners
At this time the patent is really and by law in possession of the Simon Energie Anlagen GmbH & Co ProLoop Patentverwertung KG, in short „ProLoop“. A further partner company is the XENON GmbH who developed
and produces the tire separating engine (RTE).

The disposal market
The business-idea is supported by existing national and EU-law, especially the directive 1999/31/EG for dumpsites,
which generally and without exception prohibits the dumping of tires und tire parts since 2005 all over the EU by
the „Waste material circulation Economy law“. The serious changings in the waste disposal market of the last
years, until 2004, lead to displacement of the mass flow between yield and recycling. Concurrently this leads to
considerable income losses of the waste management enterprises, especially the tire-gatherers.

- development of national recycling concept
- prohibition of tires combustion
- prohibition of export of old tires to Eastern Europe
- increasing closures of old-tires-dumpsites due to rising disposal costs
- according to old vehicle-retraction-order of the EU since 2006 all vehicle manufacturers have to take back their
old vehicles and also the old tires
- up to the year 2020 the German environment minister Trittin expects all waste to be disposed and dumpsites
to be reduced.

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