Developer of the innovative technology is Burkhard Schmeling from Strausberg / Brandenburg.
Looking for an alternative device of tree protection „The master of Rings“ created the idea of a method for processing
tires by cutting them into rings and interweave into mats. The  elastic rings can be  interwoven everlasting in manifold
ways to planar- and hollow body-structures without connecting material.

European Patent Specification / EP 1011944B1
[PDF-Document 88 pages, 1 MB]

Russian Patent Specification / EA 00001511B1
[PDF-Document 18 pages, 1 MB]

Australian Patent Specification / AU 199892536B2
[PDF-Document 105 pages, 1,5 MB]

Turkish Patent Specification / TR 200100263T2
[PDF-Document 96 pages, 2 MB]

Turkish Patent Specification / TR 200000704T2
[PDF-Document 99 pages, 2 MB]

Chinese Patent Specification / ZL 98809856.3
[PDF-Document 19 pages, 2 MB]
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