Cutting into rings. Independent enterprises shall offer their services of taking tires - at first to the vehicle owners
and tire garages, then to the tire dealers and the dumpsites.
No longer needed tires will be carved into formed parts environmentally neutral, equal-zero-emission and using
less energy. These formed parts will be packed mechanically into manageable bales, stored fire protected and
transported to further processing companies. Optimisation of logistics – the volume will be reduced to 1/5 - lowers
the disposal costs of old tires.

Cutting tires50 tires = 1 bundle (0,5x0,8x1,20m)piled up side rings

The market for tire cutting facilities (RTE)

AThe market for RTE sales results from the system-partnership and the availability of RTE:

• The basis of production of mesh surface structures are rings produced by means of RTE.
• The cutting effects a volume reduction with the result of further advantages:

- Reduction of costs for transport and storage

- Fire protected storage and liquidity advantages

These advantages will be realised optimal, if the tire, as far as possible, will be cut in the technologically best
way at the place of emergence, i.e. in the garage or at the tire service.

• Garages can use the RTE efficiently.
• To offer an extra cutting service on its alone is not efficient, i.e. the cutting is only reasonable if there are
available orders of processing the tire rings.

Technical description

„RTE-2“ technical description and guidelines (Pdf 1,32 MB)
Device for cutting-off tires (Reifen-Trenn-Einrichtung) „RTE-2“ (Pdf, 146 kB)

The device is CE certified.

> Technical data
„RTE-2“ serves the mechanical, radial cutting-off tires into rings. The cutting-off process is based on the world
patent WO 99/12 717 (Basis DE 197 40 413 C 2) and European patent EP 1 011 944 B1. It works with less power,
equal-zero-emission and without waste.

> Electrical connection data
Motor 220 V / 50 Hz
Alternating current Current
draw 0,7 A
Power 90 W

> Measures
height ca. 1000 mm
breadth ca. 600 mm
depth ca. 500 mm

working height ca. 800 mm
weight ca. 46 kg

elemental breakdown rating ca. 55 bis 70 tires per hour

In case of working with several machines by one operator the elemental breakdown rating raises. In case of
working with 3 machines the rating raises up to 180 tires per hour, with 5 machines up to 250 tires per hour.

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