Rubber-netting are producible in any form and dimension, two-, but also three-dimensional, as compact
rubber-mats, universal standard-mats or endless netting. They don’t require additional connecting elements,
enable modular construction and simple reconstruction. They are characterised by high resilience even with
low temperatures, very high compression-, tensile-, shock- and impact-strength as well as adaptability to relief.
The surfaces are rugged as well as nearly impervious to fluids under increasing pressure if closely plaited.

Interweaving tiresClosed tire nettingsOpen tire interwoven material

Rubber mats can be combined with other materials and stuff (e.g. with other geo-textiles). They are chemical-
and rotting-resistant and long living. Due to their anti-slip surface they provide an optimal adhesive force. Also the
high acoustic insulation and –absorption, the minor volume and the logistically effective form are great advantages.
Rubber mats cause little costs for maintenance and repair.

The market for mats

Construction roads

• Target groups for the sale of products out of the interwoven material "VIA-FLEXX" are companies and users
mainly in the construction sector but also many other sectors.
• Partner companies for the leasing of construction roads are primarily construction machinery lenders, working
site setters and system partners, who are in direct contact to potential customers.
• 200 leasing agencies will reach area-wide logistics for construction firms and other customers all over Germany.
• „Leasing in commission“ was chosen as the economically most promising solution.

Mats for falling rock prevention
“TEXI-FLEXX” is very capable for temporary falling rock prevention of endangered hillsides and walls and for
momentarily shelter of construction sites to falling rubble and rockslide and it is competitive in price.
There is a wide field of utility for "TEXI-FLEXX" as well in low mountain ranges as in high mountain ranges,
including different forms of quarries and other mining sites for minerals, earth, building material and stone material.
The mats for prevention of falling rocks “TEXI-FLEXX” can be developed to a profitable branch with acceptable
investment to get into the market.

Explosion protection mats
The main market for bomb protection mats is found in Sweden and Norway, because these countries have high
demand due to their geological conditions. Today they are produced particularly out of truck tires, however the
efficiency of the product “PYRO-FLEXX” - made out of automobile-tread-profiles - is higher, because 4 effective
backsides can achieve a better absorbability.
Based on past experience northern European markets are still capacious and the allotment of heavy mats lies
over 50% of all detonations.
With the advantageous „PYRO-FLEXX“ the patentee / licensee is able to get into this market - even in a competition
of replacement - with a corresponding distribution organisation and an adjusted price policy. Due to the comparable
price level a high potential of success lies in the sale of bomb protection mats. There is very small production risk
because of the similarity of the products for construction roads and bomb protection mats, as the mats are
interchangeable for both ranges of deployment and available at will.

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